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Welcome to our country.

:bulletblack: The Country of Iron :bulletblack:
This country is small, but it's full of feline people who live in two small cities, and coexist peacefully for the most part, though there has been a fair amount of spats. There are many neutral territories in this country where the cities can trade furs, clothes, weapons, and anything else that they need. The people can interact and form friendships that can help your city-clan later on. The two cities are the City of Clover and the City of Cinders. These cities aren't enemies, but they aren't best of friends either, and they aren't allowed onto the territory of the other city without permission. The two cities balance each other out, and although the items they produce are very different, without each other they wouldn't survive; just like fire and earth, the elements they were named after.

:bulletgreen: City of Clover :bulletgreen:
The more forested area of the two cities. It produces larger game animals and a wide variety of furs and lush materials. They more commonly make wooden weapons, such as bows and arrows from the many trees that grow around their territory. They have orchards and plenty of plants for medicinal uses. The citizens of this city are very loyal and trustworthy, and once you gain their trust, you have a good ally.

:bulletred: City of Cinders :bulletred:
This city has more open fields and smaller game animals. It has a variety of plants and herbs, and produces more of the steel and iron weapons that are traded in the town square. They even have silk worms that produce a soft material to make good quality cloth from. The citizens of this city are very clever and brave, and if you befriend them, you'll have nothing to fear.

:bulletblue: City-less :bulletblue:
Those few who live small houses dotted around the neutral parts of the country and don't bother with loyalties of the cities. They will sell and trade to anyone, though they can not always be trusted, as they can deceive you and have no legal punishment given. Most are neutral, some even friendly, yet the odd few have been known to be cruel and vicious. Many don't have families, and prefer to be loners, while others live in small village-type areas with families and neighbours.

:bulletpurple: City of Stars :bulletpurple:
The city of their late ancestors, the mighty and strong, the wise and powerful. They always watch over the cities and offer advice, wisdom, and warnings, but they can't interfere directly with daily lives. They sometimes speak to healers, but mostly to the leaders through vivid dreams or visions. When a new leader is chosen, they are sent to a small lake in a clearing in the forest between the cities, and the City of Stars pulls them into unconsciousness while the new leader bathes, releasing them from sleep once the lives have been granted.

:bulletwhite: City Square :bulletwhite:
Where the majority of the shops are located and trades can be made. The people can come here to buy or sell the things they made or hunted. This is a good place to find out news from the other city, and maybe even the city-less will brave a trip to the Square to buy and sell. Everyone is welcome here.


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Group Info

This is a semi-literate RP group where you are a feline person, complete with ears, tails, and claws. Choose your city and weapon and help hunt, fight, trade, heal, and more for your city, and make tons of different friends and enemies in the process.
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 2, 2012


Group Focus
Roleplaying and Art

14 Members
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News From the Cities:

:bulletblue: = Achievement
:bulletgreen: = Good/happy
:bulletorange: = Sad/upsetting
:bulletred: = Bad/horrible
:bulletpurple: = Strange/mysterious
:bulletblack: = Death
:bulletwhite: = Other

City of Clover

:bulletblue:/:bulletgreen: Leap Thompson became leader of the city.
:bulletblue:/:bulletgreen: Leopard Longate became deputy.
:bulletblack: Leap Thompson has died of a mysterious sickness.
:bulletblue:/:bulletgreen: Leopard Longate became leader of the City-of-Clover.
:bulletblack: Owl Coleman has been declared dead.
:bulletgreen: Leopard Longate has been wed to Little Noah.

City of Cinders

:bulletblue:/:bulletgreen: Jay Thorne became leader of the city.
:bulletblue:/:bulletgreen: Little Noah became deputy.
:bulletred: Adder Firestone was arrested for the murder of three men.
:bulletred: Adder Firestone has been sentenced to death.
:bulletblack: Adder Firestone has been declared dead.
:bulletblack: Bee Henderson has been declared dead.
:bulletgreen: Flight Skye has given birth. We welcome Whisper Skye to our city.
:bulletgreen: Little Noah has been wed to Leopard Longate.


How to move your character up from one rank to the next

{apply at any age between birth and 12 years}
(can only be RPd at age 6 and over; before that, they are a non-playable character/NPC)

For your child to become a novice, you must:

1) Have 4 pictures/stories/RP screenshots.
2) Be in at least 4 RP sessions actively.

{apply at any age between 13 and 17 years}
For your novice to become fully ranked, you must:

1) Have 4 more pictures/stories/RP screenshots.
2) Be in at least 4 more RP sessions actively.


For your fully ranked character to become chief, you must:

1) Have 4 more pictures/stories/RP screenshots.
2) Be in 4 more RP sessions actively.


For your fully ranked character to become a mother, you must:

1) Have 1 picture/story of them being pregnant.
2) Have uploaded designs for the child/children.
3) Be in 4 RP sessions actively whilst pregnant (not counting the birth).
4) Be pregnant for at least 2 weeks (real time), unless cleared by the admins.
5) Note the group to tell us names and genders of the children.
6) Have the child/children adopted for others to RP before she gives birth, unless you have open slots for characters, then you may keep it/one.


For your character to become a deputy, they must:

1) Be a chief or an experienced person of rank.
2) Have a picture/story of them with another person not from their city (so, someone from the other city, or someone city-less).
3) Have a picture/story of them risking their life.
4) Have a picture/story of them with the current deputy.
5) Be in more than 2 RP sessions, as a chief, actively.
(This will be a tryout; no one will get the spot unless the vote from the admins is unanimous)


For your character to become a leader, they must:

1) Be a deputy for more than 2 weeks.
2) Have a picture/story of them with the previous leader.
3) Have a picture/story with the dying/retiring leader.
4) Be in more than 4 RP sessions as a deputy, actively.


For your character to become retired, they must:

1) Be 50+ years old or have a condition or an injury that means they cannot continue their current duties.
2) Have a picture/story of them declaring their retirement.
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